Intermediate Process Containers (IPCs) are made to specification in standard capacities ranging from 0.5-liter to 3000-liters in round, rectangular and square geometries. We also offer fully customized solutions for more demanding applications such as high containment systems. The corners of our square IBCs, whether 5-liters or 3000-liters are always made with a 2" radius to allow for the easy cleaning, insuring that cross contamination is not caused by the IBC. Interior and exterior welds are ground smooth and flush to the sheeting surface.

Our quality welding allows for a perfect appearance after grinding and polishing. We also offer a complete line of manways and ports. For pharmaceutical applications we generally use our lightweight stamped lid system which is not only easy to remove and clean, but also weighs very little. Clamping is made simple by a one-piece over-center clamping ring with safety-tamper lock. Manway rings come in several styles, including a super clean fully welded design fitted to the bin top.

Bin frames are made from totally enclosed tubing and offered with round vertical legs or square tubing and white recessed plastic feet so floors are not damaged during handling. Also separate trolleys are provided for Both Round Bin & Square Bin.

These Containers are in compliance with industry standards and norms. Our professionals use advanced tools, equipment and methods for testing their functionality and performance. This helps in having contamination free production and less inaccuracy at the time of performing weight measuring tasks. Moreover, our containers are instrumental in reducing the loss of active ingredients at the time of charging and discharging.