SPM is a strong product of one of the leading & most trusted Vibro Shifter Manufacturer in Mumbai. The motive is through a troubled motor with a double long shaft, provided at both ends with unusual weights. The top weight on the motor handle rotates in a plane surrounding the center of the mass of parts. Rotation of the top unusual weights creates vibration in the horizontal level, which makes the material to pass over the screen cloth to edge increasing the normal throw, moving oversize material to work at a quicker time. The bottom strange weight wheels below the center of mass creating tilt on the screen giving vibration in the upright and unrelated plane. Improving the vertical part of the motion, this increases the turnover of material on the screen surface supporting a maximum number of undersize materials to reach through the screen. Broken Springs placed over the round motor base increases the vibration.

Vibro Shifter is round unitary gyratory screens used to order mass production of solids from solids, liquid from solid and for the scale of elements as per particle size, producing a very wide range application.

This is achieved by Vibro the screens in three various planes along the vertical axis by means of a specifically designed vibratory motor having off centred weights at the top and bottom end of the engine handle.

As we are leading Vibro Shifter Manufacturer in Mumbai with specific benefits in order to make the machine fully fitting for your particular application. Whether there is the selection of screen numbers or volume (kg/h), we have technology and design to design a vibrating screen that will accurately match to your terms. Our clients also get the advantage of good after-sales service; all extra parts are also available guaranteeing minimum downtime of your product or research.

We Manufacturer these parts to all over Mumbai and across at industry cost. If you need to know how our Vibro Shifter is capable to meet your screening or grading requirements, please send us an email with the total the details you require to know from us.

Salient Features:

  • Noiseless, Maintenance free & great speeds
  • Available in different models giving screening diameter of 12", 20", 30”, 36", 48", 72" etc.
  • Compact and compressed
  • Electrical power condition less than another machine of the kind in the industries & lower power.
  • Using compared to the reciprocating vibratory system
  • The official machine is with TEFC motor explosion proof/flame proof motor material
  • Complete contact parts and screen of SS 316 AISI stainless steel material.
  • Simple dismantling and cleaning facility for connection parts.
  • A wide range of screen sizes 4-300 Mesh.
  • Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for bottom deck available on demand
  • Available with the charging system.
  • Also available with dust collecting system.
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning.
  • Reliable earthing system.

Our Specialties

  • Designing innovative and cost-effective ideas as per your demand to give you maximum and best output from our facilities
  • Giving Lab Models in specifically the same material to provide the solid results Design and Manufacturer of complete projects at each scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.
We, Vibro Shifter Manufacturer in Mumbai are one of the well-known firms, giving a wide unit of Vibro Shifter. This product is immensely resulting driven and useful for isolating the common particles in a mix. This shifter is surely and absolutely designed by our specialists using best quality raw material that is sourced from our regular vendors. The offered Vibro Shifter is extremely demanded in many food processing units, owing to its excellent features.
Technical Specification :
Description Models MODELS
- 12" 20" 30" 48"
Screen Dia 304 508 762 1200
Cap/hr 10 to 50 kg 20 to 140 kgs 30 to 200 kgs 200 to 400 kgs
Charging Height - 1110 mm 1250 mm 1340 mm
Discharge Height - 690 mm 790 mm 850 mm
Vibro Motor HP 0.15 HP 0.25 HP 0.5 HP 1.5 HP