We are engaged in offering Octagonal Blender Manufacturer in Mumbai, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and different related industries. These machines are octagonal shaped and have a rectangular center, the discharge adjusts managed in a conical frustum and rectangular top frustum. The connection parts are built of stainless steel 304 or 306 and are included in protectors. Some additional features of the products are:

The offered collections of the Octagonal Blender are made from the excellent quality raw material in accordance with the business laid standards under the help of the experienced experts. Offered ranges are utilized for mixing dry granules subgroups to improve the group area at large lubrication step of tablet granules.

Salient Features

  • Material Handling in Octagonal Blender Is Through Bin Charging or A Vacuum Charging Operation.
  • Bin Charging System Assures Dust Free Closed Method for Charging and Executing of Product.
  • Slow Speed Blender with The Gentle Blending of The Dry Granule.
  • Optional in Built-In Vacuum Design. No Outside PTS Needed.
  • The Baffles Are Eliminated with Blending Profile Analysis Ready.
  • Pneumatically Actuated Valves for Dust-Free Transfers
  • Bins with Level Plain for Automated Cutoff.
  • Mechanical Seals on Shafts for Pneumatic Joints.


  • Compact & Low Energy.
  • Internal Baffles (Movable) Provided to Break Lumps.
  • Protection Guard with Interlock.
  • Complete Moving Elements Covered.
  • Joints Without Any Crevices/Pinholes.
  • Mirror Polished Surfaces.

Other Details:

  • Our offer Octagonal Blender Manufacturer in Mumbai,is an effective and handy blending machine for mixing and lubrication process. Octagonal Blender with Cylindrical Container of dry granules both. It can be done for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc. Octagonal Blender consists of octagon-shaped body, a rectangular centre portion, and head and bottom polygonal frustum. It is fitted with baffles for quick and effective mixing, loading port and outlet with butterfly valve. It is extremely helpful machinery for the pharmaceutical industry wherein the soft blending of dry granules or powder is to be performed. Extra great feature of this machine is simple to clean in place. The bin charging system can more be incorporated in it which is a dirt-free closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules. The power consumption is relatively lower than another related type of blender.
  • Two third of the size of the cone blender is loaded to ensure proper mixing.
  • The Octagonal blender provides an excellent effect for granules due to very late speed and octagon shape of the container.
  • In an Octagonal blender, the granules from full sides due to the octagonal shape of the product container, hence the requirement of RPM is less.
  • Proper principally for Crystalline Granular variety material. This kind of material makes satisfactory continuous progress due to their shape if the container has only slow progress and will result in the good quality of blending/lubrication of granules
Model Gross Cap
in Ltrs
Working Cap
in Ltrs
SPM OCB05 5 4 24 1
SPM OCB10 10 8 24 1
SPM OCB15 15 12 24 1
SPM OCB20 20 16 24 1
SPM OCB25 25 20 24 1
SPM OCB50 50 40 24 1.5
SPM OCB75 75 60 24 2
SPM OCB100 100 80 24 2
SPM OCB150 150 120 24 2
SPM OCB250 250 200 24 2
SPM OCB400 400 320 12 3
SPM OCB500 500 400 12 3
SPM OCB750 750 600 12 3
SPM OCB1000 1000 800 8 5
SPM OCB1250 1250 1000 8 5
SPM OCB1500 1500 1200 8 7.5
SPM OCB2000 2000 1600 8 10
SPM OCB3000 3000 2400 6 10
SPM OCB5000 5000 4000 6 15