We are the prominent Double Cone Blender Manufacturer in Mumbai. these are widely used by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. These Double Cone Blender are manufactured utilising quality raw material. Made available in client special dimensions, Double Cone Blender provide great production capacity. Our clients can avail these high-performance machines at market leading rates.

Double Cone Blender is a kind of dropping machine used to lightly blend and mix dry powders and fragile granules homogeneously. It is suggested to fill up to two third level of the entire volume of the cone for effective mixing; in addition to a purpose rotational speed (rpm) of blender also influences the quality of blending, the common area is 7 - 25 rpm.

Batch Working Capacities

SPM is an industry leader and manufacturer of Double Cone Blender in Mumbai. The product range covers lab scale double cone blender up to 50 litres and pharmaceutical production and analysis grade double cone blender up to 4000 litres. The stainless-steel system adds power to the machine's performance proving its approval to cGMP standards. The fabrication work is excellent and sharp, stainless steel system prevents product contamination and rust-free surface. The machine is so designed that its washing maintenance is a simple job and proper precautions are required. Every unit is fully managed and provided all over Mumbai and shipping at factory cost with full-service installation.

For Improved blend unformity

Unique designs including internal deflector cones, or angled shell materials are available upon demand.

Automated Drum Loading System

We take satisfaction in our Research & Development to avail such a product that can dramatically improve various businesses. In our Double Core Blender, we have managed its ergonomics in such a direction that pressure discharge and formation of dead areas can be reduced to facilitate seamless and quick production of various finished assets. As a result, we are a verified name among Double Cone Blender Manufacturer in Mumbai. At the same time, as our double cone blender is made keeping in thought the maintenance conditions, it is extremely suited for standard cleaning. For those seeing for double cone blender manufacturer in your area, we are simply a Contact us or call away.

Salient Features

  • PLC controlled completely automatic load and release functions.
  • Fabricated with high-grade stainless steel
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Hand wheel for manual tilting of the cone
  • Uniform mixing and smooth discharge
  • The butterfly discharge device is clamped to the blender outlet for fast disassembly and with fast release design for efficiency of cleaning and maintenance. Valve flange permission can be customized to readjust the client's product container.
  • 0 Degree position for discharge is given
  • Special PLC programming with security interlocks for optimum operator security.
  • Shaft-mounted gear device installed via shrink disc coupler eliminates maintenance of regular gear drive. Speed control via AC variable frequency