We have grown manifold since the beginning as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the year 2001. With our new identity of SKIES, we strive to deliver quality products to enrich the lives of human and animals and the overall ecosystem.

Besides, we offer all dosage forms – bolus, tablets, powder, suspensions and injectable – ensuring that our clients also have an ease and effectiveness of administration.

Our Major strength in the field of Vitamins [ Vitamin World] for Food, Feed, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals segments and are the exclusive Distributor for major players in the world. We are one of the major Importers of Feed Additive in India.

Our products are reaching across the globe today. We have built relationships of trust and growth with partners, distributors and key retailers in more than 10 countries, within a decade of initiating pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We are sensitive towards the different market needs and the regulatory environment of the countries that our partners operate in. We lay emphasis on being fully complaint to all the established norms:

GMP norms
Local product registrations
International audits
Health Certification
Dossier preparation